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Hello my lovelies! How are you?
Hope the end of March is leaving you with a feel of hope, creativity and a good desire for the new to come.
My March has been quite nice and although the weather could have been brighter, it was a better and worth it job to keep brighter myself πŸ˜‰

March around here brought a few different things, the end of the cardigan I was knitting for my girl, purple flowers with the new season which we have just started, rocking pools adventures. .. but the most special and important thing was Ilianna's 5th birthday. ..

Five years!!!!!!!
Where did the time go? 😯 I just can't believe that she is already 5. When I look at her i cannot see a trace of baby anymore, just a girl who is growing too fast, a beautiful, strong  girl with a strong personality as well, who so far has taught me a few life lessons which have made a positive impact in my life. I like to observe her when she is not aware of it, I love to watch how she plays differents games just by using he…


Hi lovelies!
How are you? Do you love trees?

I do love them, I feel always comfortable when I am  around big, old trees. They are majestic creatures with a lot of wisdom. I am in fact, a tree hugger and I love to sit close to them to read or just to feel their presence. 
Science has in fact confirmed that hugging trees can beneficially affect human health by altering vibrational frequency, read more here
When I was little I found myself very often dreaming about living inside a tree, I used to imagine how I would decorate it and how warm and comfy it would be living in it. I still sometimes dream about it πŸ˜‰

A few years back I read a book that really made an impact on me, it was obviously about trees and a woman who risked her life to defend their rights. Here
So yes, I do love trees and I need to have them around me as often as possible. There isn't a time when I go for a walk and I don't find a tree to take a photo of, obviously now it's easier with our smart phones 😊 Hope you enjoy…


Hi lovely people!
Are you starting to feel the Spring in the air?
I am, and despite all these grey days that we are having around here,the increase of light in the day it's helping me to keep positive and hopeful. 
I love daffodils, they are a blessing and a hope for longer and warmer days 😊
And with the hope of the near Spring it comes with a lot of hope for our dreams to come true. All those seeds that patiently and full of faith we planted during the cold and dark months of Winter are trying now  to find their way out, are we gonna be able to find our way too?
Kind of busy around here. ..
Exploring the rockpools πŸ˜„
The magic of a rainbow 🌈
Some view. .. πŸ’™
A treat for me. .. 😏

So we have been exploring, painting, discovering, creating. ..  Having seaside time has done me good, the energy of the sea it's very good for removing negative energies and it gives you a great feeling of refreshing and clear perspective on everything, don't you think? and I am needing some of that so, ve…