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Hi everyone, how are you feeling? Are you feeling the energy of the last Dark Moon? The eclipse. ..?
There is quite a lot going on these days and one way or another we are feeling it, I really hope you are aware of your feelings, your pains, emotions, tears, laughter. .. You might feel like everything is out of balance, out of control and making no sense at all 😱
Just let it be, allow yourself to lose control, to not make sense at all, allow yourself to feel like you are crazy, broken and lost. .. why not? Go to the underworld and find and face your fears, sorrows, hidden shadows. ..

Face them, embrace them and become a whole being.
Sometimes we need to metaphorically die in our trip to the underworld, bury all of those aspects of ourselves  that does not serve us anymore. You might want to leave behind the tame girl who always wanted to please everyone else leaving herself always the last, you might wanna get rid as well of that disgusting reflection that every mirror gave to yo…
And as I promised I am back and I am back with an excited feeling of being here sharing with you. So, how have you been? Hope everything is working right as it needs to be working in your life for yours and your soul's benefit. To be honest, I have been better than how I am feeling right now, but I think it's all due to this chiropractor I have been seeing. After every session working on a physical level with my body, all these emotions, anxieties. .. have been coming to the surface making my days quite agitated and a bit weepy. But nothing major and all with very good purpose as the point of it all it's to heal on all levels. 💜
But when we put awareness on any process we go through in life, everything then gets a different meaning and perspective, don't you think?
So I am trying my best to try and be present and aware  at any tear, emotion or  pain going on, thereby I can understand what my body or soul are trying to tell me so I can find more peace and meaning, everythin…


Hi there, how are you? Uff. .. it really has been a while since the last time I was here posting as the name of my blog says, "Bits of my days" And now looking around and feeling, re-reading. .. somehow I feel more connected than before with that name, how curious. .. Because bits of my days can be little things with nothing special, or little things with a lot of magic, importance and meaning. Bits of my days can say a lot or nothing at all, can be full of words or full of images that speak louder than words. .. who knows. ...
But I am back. .. and it feels good, it feels really good be here typing on my laptop about nothing and everything.
Where I am in life? uff. ... We are still living in our tiny little home (caravan)  Are we happy? well. .. we are yes, we are happy to a point with ourselves but very tired and fed up with the caravan thing :(  The lack of space, although we try to make it cozy and nice - which, to be honest, it really is nice the way we have decorated or try to-…