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Hi everyone and Beltane blessings!!
Have you celebrated or acknowledged this time of the year? I do like being aware and tuned in with Nature and her seasons, celebrations. .. sometimes just knowing and thinking about it it's enough to feel the connection between myself and everything around me.

Beltane honours Life. It represents the peak of Spring and the beginning of Summer. Earth energies are at their strongest and more active moment. Everything at this moment in time it's powerfully fertile. At this moment of the Wheel of the year the potencial becomes conception. Abundant fertility on all levels, is the central theme. The Maiden Goddess has reached her fullness. She is the manifestation of growth and renewal. Flora the goddess of Spring, the May queen. The Green Man, the young Oak king falls in love with her and wins her hand. The union is consummated and the May queen becomes pregnant. Together the May queen and the May king are symbols of the Sacred Marriage. It is abou…