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Hi to everyone!!! Hope all of you are doing really well.
At the minute I am in Catalonia visiting my family so maybe that is the reason why I haven't been here for a while.
But the weather here is treating us so well the sunny and warm days doesn't help to sit in front of the laptop so....

But besides our holidays and the nice weather, today I would like to write about motherhood. 
I became a mom the 26th of March 2012 when my little fairy was born. Never before I felt so blessed neither felt the unconditional love as I did at that moment in time.

My little fairy just after being born
As I said I felt blessed.... but I felt scared to death at the same time. My god!! just the thought of having the whole responsability of another human being's life in my hands.... how to do it??  I remember looking at that little baby and loving her with all my heart and beyond words. And it was at that right moment that I knew that the only thing I needed was trust my instincts, so I decided to be a…