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Feeling grateful....

Hi everybody!!

Today we feel blessed and grateful for this sunny Thursday.

The Imbolc time is reminding us that we are going to the light, to the warm weather and long days. For that, today I feel grateful to be able to crochet outside. The forecast for the weekend is it's turning really cold but today we have been blessed with this spring day.

I know I could spend more time crocheting, but is not easy when Ilianna is demanding my time constantly, which I do with all my pleasure, but....I need more time!!!!!!

Anyway, hope you all are having a lovely time, my best wishes.
See you soon!
Lluisa xxx

Pure love...

Hi to everybody!

Normally I talk about crochet, yarn, wool......but today I would like to share with you all a few pics of my precious, lovely....she is my life, my everything...she is my daughter :)

"Hi everybody!"
Through my life I have read books about unconditional love and how important it would be to feel it for everything and everybody....but the first time I saw her face I knew what unconditional was... it's a really big love the one you feel for your children, isn't it?
Wishing you all a blessed time :)
See you soon!
Lluisa x


Hi everybody!

There are moments in life when you realize how the small things are the most important things and I think that if everybody for a minute considered that, life could be so so easy and peaceful.

Three days ago, while my partner and my little baby were still sleeping, I got up thinking about a new crochet project, a granny square handbag that a friend of mine has asked to make for her. And while I was thinking about the wool that I needed I realized the beautiful color in the sky, it was like if the sky was on fire. What a beautiful view just there out of my window, for free, you know what I mean?? Sometimes the most beautiful things in life don't cost any money, they are just there. Can you see them?
At the end of the day I had my wool, and that was the first granny square. I will post more photos to let you know about this project.
You have a nice time, See you soon!
Lluisa X


Hi to everybody!!

For a few weeks every Saturday me and a few girlfriends have been gathering at somebody's house just to crochet or knit.
I have really enjoyed doing it, is a different way to crochet hehe...

One of the main things to do is to bring something to eat and then we share all the nice and often sweet things that each of us has brought. 
We are lucky that it is just once a week hehehe....
But going back to the main thing, I've been thinking about these meetings and I have realized how therapeutic they can be.
When we are together, we laugh, we talk...we share lots of different things and feelings, if for some reason one of us comes upset, just sharing it can be a big relief, is for that,  that I think that it's important to feel comfortable with the people.
What you think about it?? If you are not sure, maybe is the right moment to try??
That has just been my humble opinion.
Wishing you all a lovely week! See you soon!!
Lluisa x


Hola a todas!!

Hoy está siendo un domingo muy tranquilo en casa.
De hecho, solo he salido un rato esta mañana y porque no tenia más remedio que hacerlo, ya que la mañana estaba gris y lluviosa y la  verdad también bastante fría.

Ayer en cambio, quedamos las chicas y yo en casa para hacer, a cada una lo que más le gusta, punto de media o ganchillo, y cada una a su ritmo.

Normalmente siempre quedamos los sábados por la mañana, y cada una trae algo para picar.
Pero sinceramente, lo que más me gusta es la complicidad que se crea. Mientras tejemos se crea un círculo donde se comparten muchas y diferentes cosas, desde risas a penas, alegrias, buenas y malas noticias....
A lo mejor te preguntarás porque estoy compartiendo esto aqui, y es porque he llegado a la conclusión de que estos encuentros son terapéuticos y muy ricos para el alma. No lo crees??  Te propongo a que lo intentes y luego me cuentes, si??

Hasta pronto!!

La mitja o el ganxet com a teràpia

Hola a tothom!!

Espero que estigueu tinguent una molt bona setmana.
Jo avui des d'aqui us vull compartir una informació que ultimament estic sentint molt: La mitja i el ganxet com a teràpia.

 Cada cop més podem veure dones i noies en diferents llocs fent mitja o ganxet, porten la llana al tren, al bar on esmorzen, a casa.....i  a mi en concret m'encanta doncs recordo quan era adolescent, com mantenia en secret el fet de fer mitja o ganxet, ja que creia que els meus amics s'en riurien de mi o em dirien "passada de moda"....o altres bestieses.
Però darreres investigacions declaren l'art de la llana o el fil, com una de les millors teràpies contra l'estres en el que actualment molts de nosaltres vivim.

I ben mirat si ens hi parem a pensar, ja el sol fet de visualitzar el projecte que volem teixir, fa que la nostra ment per un moment, desconnecti de totes aquelles coses que la ocupen, feina, casa, nens.... I  no  parlem ja del plaer d'anar a la botiga a comprar…
Hi everybody!!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week. 
Today I have been searching online for articles related to Knitting or crochet, because lately I have been hearing in different places and from different people that knitting and crochet are coming back, that many women are back to working with needles and yarn. 

We've all heard recently that Knitting is the New Yoga. Many of us have returned or are new to knitting, seeking out this pastime as the antidote to our stressful workaholic lives. The technology of today although responsible for all this is also our means to a knitting detoxification. The yarns we have to choose from nowadays are lush in textures and available in a profusion of colours, patterns inspire us....

I am so so happy that the art of the needles is back, for a few years when I was a very young girl, I used to keep it a secret that I was knitting or crocheting because I was afraid that my friends was gonna laugh at me, or call me an old fashion girl.....
Yes, b…

En català

Hola  i bon dilluns a tothom!!

Ja han passat totes les festes Nadalenques i hem encetat un nou any.
Avui des d'aqui, m'agradaria compartir amb vosaltres el meu nou projecte, la venda d' articles fets a mitja o ganxet, articles ja fets o si voleu alguna cosa  en especial i nosaltres ho podem fer, podem treballar també  per encarrec.
I dic "ho podem fer perque la meva mare treballa amb mi fent mitja o ganxet.

En aquest mateix blog podeu trobar la meva botiga online a la web site, però és molt millor que aquells que sou d'aqui us poseu en contacte amb mi  mitjançant facebook o

Ara m'agradaria compartir amb vosaltres alguns dels articles disponibles.

Si algun article agrada però el color no, hi ha la possibilitat de fer'ho en el color que t'agradi.
Aquests són alguns exemples, però aniré posant diferents entrades, amb poder també mostres perque si algú de vosaltres troba interessant aquest mon o en té ganes.....qui sap, sempre et po…


Hi there!!
Hope everybody is having a nice Sunday.

I am at home and while Ilianna is playing with daddy I am just having my cup of tea and looking around online.
Its amazing all the beautiful photo's you can find online about different subjects!

And colours, lots and lots of colours.
My favourite colour is purple, I love them all but to me purple just has this special thing that makes me just love it.
What a beautiful picture!

As purple evokes relaxation within spiritual pictures, green brings me pictures of a fresh green field, orange a summer sunset, and for example blue for me is the Mediterranean's sea colour.
Colours are part of our lives and in different ways they can affect our moods and well being.
Ok now is time for me to leave as Ilianna, (my baby) needs me. Wishing you all a lovely time, see you soon!

Thinking about...

Hi there!!

With the new year I am thinking about new things to knit or crochet, I've been looking around and there is really lovely and beautiful things to make.
Isn't it beautiful??
I hope I can find the time to make something like that, but with a 9 months old baby not easy!!
I love making stuff for myself and to sell  because I enjoy making it and if I can make some just perfect.

Look at these ones!! They are just so, so lovely and colourful....I am definitely gonna make these, I love them, yes they are so nice! I hope they are not to complicated to do and then I could make some for myself and a few to sell...
As  pot holders they can give  your kitchen a nice touch of colour.
Well now that my baby is playing on her own, I am gonna keep looking around different sites, and see what I can find.
Enjoy your time, see you soon!!


Hello everybody, 

I would like to start this blog talking a little bit about myself.

My name is Luisa, I am originally from Catalonia (Northern Spain) where I am actually living with Andy, my lovely english partner and daddy of my 9 months old baby girl, Ilianna

They are my two loves.  Ilianna  has change the full meaning of my life, nothing is and never will be the same. She is a lovely and clever baby, I'm so proud of her.
Well I am gonna carry on sharing a few more things about myself. I love being outside and walking in the nature, practicing yoga, meditating, dancing.... But one of my passions is Crochet and knit, and is for that reason that I am starting this blog. I really hope to attract  lots of new people from here, my main intention , is to share mostly about crochet and knit, but nice and interesting things are always welcome.
Well, I am gonna finish this post just sharing one of my crochet creations and wishing a happy new year to everyone!!

See you soon!